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  • Why do banks hate SaaS companies?

    Tags: banks, revenue-based-finance, startups, SaaS

    In the “good old days”, companies took raw materials and assembled them into products (inventory), then sold the products generating account receivables (AR). These activities required lots of working capital and created hard assets – inventory and AR. So when a business wanted to get that working capital from the bank, the bank could lend and feel “safe”; if the business went bust, their funds were secured by hard assets. 

    Now think of a SaaS company. …

  • Webinar - Getting Your Ducks in a Row Preparing Your Company for Investment Capital

    Tags: rbf, Debt, equity, Funding Options, capital, angel, vc, banks, webinar

    On October 24th, 2013 Lighter Capital held its webinar  - Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Preparing Your Company for Investment Capital

    We were excited to have David Ehrenberg, Founder and CEO of Early Growth Financial Services join Rob Belcher, VP at Lighter Capital, in a discussion on how to get your company ready for finding investment capital. They covered a lot of territory - including what is essential in analyzing your business model and its economics, the funding …

  • Webinar - Revenue-Based Finance: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?

    Tags: rbf, Debt, equity, Funding Options, capital, angel, vc, banks, webinar

    On September 17th, Lighter Capital hosted our second webinar, “Revenue-Based Finance: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?

    Thanks to all who tuned in to watch! We received a ton of great questions during the presentation, and several more have landed in our inboxes over the last couple days. All Q&A is posted below, and if there are any further unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us- we are happy to help!

    Many people asked us to post the name of the book that Rob …

  • Webinar - Which Funding Option Is Right For Your Business?

    Tags: rbf, Debt, equity, Funding Options, capital, angel, vc, banks

    On August 1st, Lighter Capital hosted our very first webinar, ‘Which Funding Option Is Right For Your Business?’

    Attendance was great, and the questions were fantastic. Unfortunately we ran out of time to answer them all, so I’ve reposted them below with answers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or comments.

    Look for an announcement coming soon about our next webinar: “Revenue-Based Finance: What It Is, How It Works, Who It’ …

  • Banks Lending Declines While Lighter Capital Expands

    Tags: angus-loten, approval, banks, biz2credit, drops, lending, percentages, rises, small-business, wsj

    Check this out! Small lenders like us, Lighter Capital are lending to small businesses at a much higher level then banks. Biz2Credit did a report on data from 1,000 small businesses. Angus Loten reported these findings in his article, "Small-Business Loans Edge Up at Small Banks". In September, 45.1% of loan applicants were approved and that number is up from the start of the year from 43.5%. Other small financial institutions approved 61.5% of loan applications in September and in August it …

  • Way to go traditional banking institution!

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    23 banks were removed from FDIC's "endangered list". .... leaving..... a mere 865! First Drop in Number of Problem U.S. Banks Since 2006 Despite the 'good news' reported in the NYT, one of the largest banks is on the teetering edge of failure. Traditional banking and lending is baroque. That's right-- its the same as it was in the 16th and 17th centuries when it was invented. And from that same FDIC report, we actually see that big banks are getting bigger. Lighter FTW!

  • What the hell is an "explosive capital countdown?"

    Tags: atlantis, banks, countdown, derringer, explosive, rock, video

    What the hell is an "explosive capital countdown?" How kind of you to ask. Well, the dirty truth is we don't really know, yet. We have some high hopes though: We want to see aggressive, fast-growth-potential companies ... the kind that if they were a chemical, they'd have a "caution: EXPLOSIVE" warning label on them. We'd love to hear their stories and tell them ours. For (at least) one of these companies, we want to write a check for $500k. And, to light a fire under our asses and theirs, …

  • Why Banks Suck Part 1: Overdraft Fees

    Tags: bank-fees, banks, revenue-based-financing-2, revenue-loan

    Financial intermediaries, like banks, exist because of a market need. Pure economics. Someone a long time ago, saw a need in the marketplace for a financial intermediary, hung a shingle, and began the first savings and loan institution. The market need that a bank fills is two-fold: to reduce information costs and to reduce transaction costs. A bank reduces information costs by: - reducing the search cost by bringing borrowers and savers together, - conducting independent valuations to …

  • Business Credit from the Trenches: Forum Postings Indicate Loosening

    Tags: banks, business-lines, credit, credit-card, educational, line-of-credit, loosening

    When you think of credit loosening or tightening, you might think of senior loan officer surveys, the Fed Open Market Committee, FHLB standards or likewise. But I like to keep my ear to a more organic source: forum posts on the Web. And to that end, may I reference a recent post on Credit Boards at Astute observer of the ways of credit, "BobWang," notes that he got two (!) offers for $100k business lines-of-credit in one day, …

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