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  • Top 5 Ways to Improving Your Small Business Marketing

    Tags: big, connections, five, improvements, jamillah-warner, marketing, network, small-business, successful, win

    I came across a great article on Tuesday from Jamillah Warner. She addresses five key ways to make sure you are mixing up your makering to be successful. To be success in marketing you have to make sure you are using a variety of marketing outlets. You have to use the whole world of marketing, not just a piece of it. You need to make sure you are using the different areas that marketing consists of. As a small business you have to be engaged in the online and offline environments. Don't be …

  • Why Use Social Media For Your Small Business

    Tags: lisa-barone, marketing, outspoken-media, social-media

    After reading many great articles this week for small businesses I have come across the best article from this week. Lisa Barone wrote very informational article on social media. She lays out 18 great reasons to use social media to build your company's presence in the world. Here is a quick overview: Overall, all her reasons for the use of social media link up to "social media helps you do more, faster". I believe this to be true. Social media will build your presence in your industry. You …

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