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  • Top 4 Crowd Funding Websites

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    Crowd funding seems to be the new way to go in raising money and a cool tool for entrepreneurs. You get a platform to share your story, gain support from your community, and receive funding for a project or business. Each of these websites have a great audience and you can gain the support you need for your ideas and dreams. KickstarterThis is the largest crowd funding website and holds the number one stop for crowd funding. You might have heard of Kickstarter as a crowd funding …

  • Top 6 Angel Investor Groups On Our A-List

    Tags: angel-investors, connection, money, plan, smart, succeed, top-six, vc, venture-capitalist

    At Finovate Andy, Randall, and Drew announced our up and coming "A-list". Wanna see if you are on the "A-list"? Check it out and see if you have influential friends on the  A-list. All you have to do is log in with your LinkedIn account. We're building "The A-List". This is a list of leaders, connectors, and influences in the small business and finance world including members of TechStars, theTechStars Network, AngelList, and many more. If someone has a endorsement from an A-Lister, it greatly …

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