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  • Announcing our Big Green Capital Countdown: Breathe in the freshness:

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    Time's up - Explosiveness is go for launch! Wow. What a month - we had over 50 companies apply as part of our Explosive Capital Countdown last month, and a lot of the companies were even more explosive than we expected. It will take us a few more days to sort through the last-minute applicants, but expect our big announcement in the coming weeks. Boom! How about that? Sadly, we didn't get ANY companies that produce or operate explosives, but hey, still an awesome response to an initiative we …

  • Capital Countdown Winding Down

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    With two days left in the month, our Capital Countdown is near coming to a close. We're still accepting applications for the 500k so keep them coming! Best Movie Explosion Ever. I didn't say it. It's in the title of the video featured today. I actually had never seen this clip before today (but after seeing that explosion I am inclined to check out the rest of the movie!) That was awesome.

  • The Explosive Capital Countdown

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    Today we're announcing our Explosive Capital countdown (Press release here) Below is our AWESOME video introducing the idea. Think your company is "explosive" enough? Apply here to fund YOUR company. Or, send this over to a company you know that deserves some growth capital. For a more irreverent and amazing post about the countdown that really shows how explosive this is, try Randall's classic-rock infused "explosive" explanation. "We're here today to introduce our explosive capital …

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