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We help Australian startups grow

Our unmatched combination of up to $4 million in non-dilutive financing, professional networking resources, product discounts, and capital partner connections will launch your startup on a path to success.

Lighter Capital's Australia Team

Matt Dowling, Investment Director

Greg Bryan, Investment Director

We're committed to Australian startups

Lighter Capital and Fintech Australia partner to expand the Australian startup ecosystem

To grow more Australian startups, Lighter Capital and FinTech Australia are partnering to advance the Australian startup ecosystem, by nurturing and growing a better, more innovative, and advanced Fintech economy and culture. 

Lighter Capital secures $30M Fund from the Victorian government to invest in tech startups

Under the Venture Growth Fund, the government co-invests with institutional investors in Australia to give high-growth, revenue-generating startups access to non-dilutive capital to expand their businesses and increase their workforces.

Lighter Capital and NAB collaborate to boost innovation for Australian startups

Choosing the right long-term growth partners saves you time when you’re busy growing, and it lays the foundation for your expansion and success. Reach your next milestone with our exclusive offer, tailored to the needs of early-stage Australian startups.

Lighter Summit Australia - Group Photo

Lighter Capital 2023 Australian Summit with Sponsor Host, Macquarie Bank

Connect, collaborate, and expand your knowledge with 40+ like-minded Aussie tech founders at our full-day event in Melbourne. For Lighter clients only.

Provided over $300M+ in financing
Clients gain $100,000 in product discounts
Active 100+ Founder/CEO community
The largest network of banking, venture, and legal partners
Financing that supports expansion into US market
20%+ of clients have already had a profitable acquisition

Unlike other funding, you’ll never sell equity, pay origination fees, hand over board seats, sign a personal guarantee, warrant or covenant.

Lighter Capital is in a class by itself

If your startup is already making $200K ARR, we can find a non-dilutive financing solution

You can customize your payback terms
You can scale financing to your revenue type
Your financing will align with your strategy and goals
You can find solutions to get multiple financing rounds
You can access financing up to $4M within a few days

Grow your startup’s valuation without selling equity

Drive growth through acquisitions
Buyout existing investors
Improve valuation for future funding rounds
Bridge equity funding rounds
Invest in R&D and product development
Grow your sales or marketing team

Thinking of selling equity to raise capital?

Our simple online tool shows the tradeoffs between raising capital by selling equity vs. non-dilutive funding from Lighter Capital.  See how much ownership value you'll retain compared with traditional equity sources.

We fund high growth Australian SaaS startups