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Team Results

Why Teams Fail, Part 5: Personal Status Can Kill a Results-Focused Workplace

Does your team have disparate goals? When employees are more focused on personal goals than team goals, it can kill a results-focused workplace. Here's why you should focus on team results.

5 Reasons Why SaaS Entrepreneurs Should Think Twice about VC

5 Reasons Why SaaS Entrepreneurs Should Think Twice About VC

Before you barrel ahead with crafting your pitch deck, stop and think twice about whether venture capital (VC) is the right choice for your business. VC has some major drawbacks, after all. Here are five reasons you may want to think twice about it.

Local Backups

Protect Important Business Files and Recover Older Versions with Local Backups

There are various scenarios that can seriously negatively impact your business if you don’t have readily available backups. You can protect your important business files with local backups. Here's how to do this on a Mac or Windows computer.

Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

Why Teams Fail, Part 4: Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

What’s wrong with a team member not committing to the decision, you ask? It leads to the fourth reason why teams fail: avoidance of accountability. Here's how to prevent avoidance of accountability in the workplace.

Book Review Venture Deals

Book Review – Venture Deals, by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Business Book Review: We look at "Venture Deals," by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. Why read Venture Deals? It helps you understand the term sheet, and can be your reference guide to funding.

How to Overcome Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Why Teams Fail, Part 3: Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Ever noticed how, when business decisions are made in a team meeting, not everyone seems to really buy-in to the decision? This is because there is a lack of commitment in the team to decisions made in the meeting. Here's how to overcome lack of team commitment and buy-in to business decisions.

Niching Down

Why Niching Down Can Elevate Tech Startups to New Revenue Heights

Founders of fast-growing tech companies sometimes struggle with where to focus their offering. Is it better to cast a wide net to a large general market or to create more targeted products that will attract buyers in a specific niche? Here's why niching down can elevate tech startups to new heights.

Tablet vs Laptop

Tablet vs. Laptop: Pros and Cons of Replacing a Laptop with a Tablet

With the power and flexibility of today's tablets, do you really need a laptop? Can you do all or most of the work you need with a tablet? In this article, we look at the pros and cons of replacing a laptop with a tablet.