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How to Calculate Average Revenue per Customer (ARPC) for Your SaaS Business

Here we analyze a key metric for your SaaS startup. We define what is ARPC and why it's important, and how to calculate average revenue per customer.

4 Service Providers Early-Stage Startups Can’t Live Without

Teaming up with the right professionals can have a huge impact on your long-term success. Here are the four providers you need to survive—and thrive—as an early-stage SaaS startup.

How to Calculate Committed MRR (CMRR)

Here we analyze a key SaaS metric: CMRR. We define what is Committed MRR (CMRR) and why it's important for your SaaS startup, and how to calculate it.

Raising Capital Whitepaper

How to open the door to capital: Lighter Capital’s guide for tech startups

What separates the companies that get funding from the rest? Download a guide to get ready for funding so you can unlock the deal you want

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio (CAC Ratio)

The SaaS entrepreneur's guide to calculating and using the Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio.