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How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio (CAC Ratio)

The SaaS entrepreneur's guide to calculating and using the Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio.

Dave’s Rules: 5 Principles for SaaS Analytics

Lighter Capital recently hosted a webinar on SaaS metrics with our own Investment Director, Branden Harper, and David Ryan, the founder of SaaS Optics, a provider of financial tools for managing SaaS, software, and other subscription-based and recurring revenue businesses.

Lighter Capital Raises $100M to Fuel Emerging Tech Companies

Lighter Capital announces a new $100 million fund with Community Investment Management (CIM), focused on funding lenders that provide capital to startups.

The Pros and Cons of Transitioning from a Service to a Product Company

Cash is king, especially at tech startups. How much cash you have determines your company’s runway, and how likely you will raise the next round. Here are a few tips from our investment team to manage your cash effectively.

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) for Your SaaS Business

The customer lifetime value (CLTV) for your SaaS business is a key metric to understand how effective are your sales and marketing efforts.

Congratulations to Three Lighter Capital Clients for Raising VC Funding!

Congratulations to our clients for raising VC funding! We’re always excited to hear when companies we funded go on to thrive and raise additional funding.