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Funding Checklist: Documents for Securing a Traditional SMB Bank Loan

We outline the most common documents banks require for securing a traditional bank loan. Thinking about getting an SMB bank loan? This checklist will help.

How to Calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue Churn (MRR Churn)

This post will walk you through the two common schools of thought on how to calculate monthly recurring revenue churn (MRR churn) for your SaaS business.

How to Calculate Customer Churn Rate (CCR) for Your SaaS Startup

Customer Churn Rate (CCR) is an important metric when analyzing how effectively you’re keeping your customers happy and coming back each month.

How to Calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is an important metrics you should be tracking in a subscription-based SaaS business. Here's how to calculate MRR.