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3 Core Values We Believe in SMB Online Lending

Here are three core values that Lighter Capital believes in helping to drive the online lending industry forward. We call it Capital-as-a Service, a way of providing capital that better serves the entrepreneurs.

Warrants and Stock Options: Legalities and Tax Implications

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an investor, here's what you need to know on warrants and stock options.

Your Startup Pitch Deck: A Slide by Slide Overview

Pitch decks are one of the first key steps to gaining credibility with potential investors. Want to create a great deck? Here's a Pitch Deck Template.

4 Metrics to Track When Raising Capital

In the process of raising capital? Here are four key metrics you should track, along with what they mean for your business and your investors.

How the Lower Cost of Innovation Changed Everything

The lower cost of innovation changed everything. This dramatic change in the startup landscape has profound implication for entrepreneurs. Here's how.

Convertible Debt: What It Is and How It Works

Founders often have questions about how to use convertible debt as part of their funding strategy. Convertible debt involves tradeoffs, so it’s important to make sure you understand the basics before you go down that path.

5 Steps to Raise Capital from Angel Investors

If you’re in the pre-revenue phase, angel investors may be your best option for raising money. But who are they and how do you go about finding them?