Craig Grannell

Craig Grannell is a technology writer, specializing in helping people get more from their computers and devices. He’s written for a range of publications, including The Guardian, BA Business Life, Macworld, and TechRadar. Although currently immersed in all things Apple, he first caught the technology bug when using a VIC–20 as a kid. He still thinks Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time is a perfectly sensible name for a video game. Connect with Craig on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

Scanbot Scanner App

Go Paperless with Scanbot: Scanner App That Protects Business Documents

The dream of the paperless office remains elusive. Is the Scanbot scanner app the solution we've been waiting for? See how you can boost your paperwork productivity, organization, and efficiency by scanning and saving paper documents with your iOS or Android smartphone.

Read Later Services

Use Read Later Services to Save Articles for When You Have Time to Read Them

How often do you find an interesting article online and think: I’ll read it later? For all such circumstances – and more – you need a "Read Later" service or app.

Backup Mobile Devices to Keep Your iPhone, iPad and Android Data Safe

Backup Mobile Devices to Keep Your iPhone, iPad and Android Data Safe

Should you lose your Android device, iPhone or iPad – or it abruptly dies and isn’t recoverable – backups ensure this is only a minor inconvenience. Here’s how to backup your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

habit tracker apps

Habit Trackers for Android and iPhone: Infuse Good Habits into Your Daily Routine

Habit trackers enable you to infuse good habits into your daily routine (and eradicate bad ones), by way of basic gamification. Here we explore how habit tracker apps work, and offer 5 great options for Android and iPhone.

How to Choose PR Firm

How to Choose the Right PR Firm for Your Startup

One of the most important things about being an entrepreneur is getting the word out. Hiring a PR firm is essential. This article outlines how to maximize the chances of a perfect match and choose the right PR firm.

How to Use RSS Feeds

How to Use RSS Feeds to Ensure You Never Miss an Important Headline

It’s hard to keep track of all your favorite websites and blogs. It helps to use tried-and-true technology that’s fast, friendly, and efficient: RSS feeds.

Online backups to protect business data

Why You Should Protect Business Data with Online Backups

A fully robust business backup strategy requires you to incorporate online backups to protect your data – after all, multiple backups are better than one. Here's why you should also protect business data with online backups.

Take a Breather with Oak, the App to Help You De-Stress

Take a Breather with Oak, the iOS App to Help You De-Stress

If you’re feeling the strain, and desperately need to heighten concentration or relax – all in a handful of seconds – you’d best hope there’s an app for that. Thanks to Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, there is: Oak. See how Oak can improve your wellbeing.