Craig Grannell

Craig Grannell is a technology writer, specializing in helping people get more from their computers and devices. He’s written for a range of publications, including The Guardian, BA Business Life, Macworld, and TechRadar. Although currently immersed in all things Apple, he first caught the technology bug when using a VIC–20 as a kid. He still thinks Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time is a perfectly sensible name for a video game. Connect with Craig on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

How to Email the Press and Get Your Story in the News

How to Email the Press and Get Your Story in the News

Want to email the press and get your story in the news? To maximize your chances of press coverage, you must approach things carefully. Here's how to do it.

Local Backups

Protect Important Business Files and Recover Older Versions with Local Backups

There are various scenarios that can seriously negatively impact your business if you don’t have readily available backups. You can protect your important business files with local backups. Here's how to do this on a Mac or Windows computer.

Focus Timers

Focus Timers: Get ‘in the Zone’ and Be More Efficient with Your Day

It’s easy to get distracted. Fortunately, focus timers can help. A focus timer breaks the day into work sprints, separated by short breaks. Here we review two focus timer apps — Bear Focus Timer and the Forest app — and explain how they can help you be more efficient with your day.

Online Press Kit

Got Something to Sell? Then You Need an Online Press Kit

As a tech entrepreneur, it's vital to maximize your chances of press coverage. To increase your chances of press coverage, you need a killer press kit. Here are 5 ways to make your online press kit stand out.

Block out Calendar Time for All Work

Block out Calendar Time for All Work and Family – Not Just Meetings and Calls

One of the dangers of being an entrepreneur is giving your all to a growing company – to the detriment of everything else. Don’t let your calendar regime add to your stress. Instead, block out calendar time for work and family, and make the puzzle blocks of your entire life fit the time available.

Why Backups Are Vital for Everyone in Business

Why Backups Are Vital for Everyone in Business

Data and documents are essential to your business. But what would happen if your computer stopped working in an hour’s time? Do you have a backup plan in case your hardware fails? That might sound extreme, but you need to plan for all eventualities. Here's why backups are vital for businesses.

Soulver Review

Soulver App: The Smart Notepad Calculator for Budgeting and Tracking Expenses

How are you budgeting and tracking expenses? Keeping track of money is vital for any business. Enter Soulver, the smart notepad calculator app for quick-fire expenses.