David Ehrenberg

4 service providers early-stage startups can’t live without

While most SaaS startups are focused on raising funds and optimizing growth, there’s an equally important area that many entrepreneurs often overlook: choosing key professional service providers. Choosing the right people and understanding the value they bring can make a huge difference to your company.

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How to attract potential buyers for your startup

It’s a question on the mind of many entrepreneurs. Namely, ‘how can I make my business attractive to potential acquirers?'

People start businesses for lots of reasons. Many don’t even consider their exit strategy initially, although this is something they should give thought to from day one. Since most exits are through acquisition, it makes sense to keep that possibility in mind and make sure that in the course of building your business, you avoid obvious moves that would discourage potential buyers.

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7 ways to build a successful startup revenue model

Developing a revenue model for your business is perhaps the best step way to get and keep your startup financially healthy. A well thought out and credible revenue model connects the dots for potential investors.

How do you go about creating a solid revenue model? First, you need to figure out what revenues you can expect to generate. Even if you’re still at the pre-revenue stage, you should build a financial model that includes your revenue estimates. Financial forecasting can be done in one of two ways: projecting your numbers from the top-down or building your projections from the bottom-up. 

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