Jeff Erwin

Jeff Erwin has been a startup founder and CEO in the high-tech and software industry for over 30 years, with additional VP-level experience in a variety of public companies. Since 1989 Jeff has founded several venture capital backed startups, all leading to successful acquisitions. Jeff's corporate employment history includes two years as VP of Business Development at Network General Corp, three years at Visio as VP of Enterprise Products and five years at Microsoft, where he served as General Manager for the Network Management Group & the Visio product line and was also the Director of Incubation for Microsoft Research in the wireless mesh networking space. Jeff has filed eight patents in the networking field, shipped numerous consumer and enterprise products for both Windows and Mac markets, and has board-level experience with multiple VC-backed startups. In 2006 Jeff assumed the role of President & CEO of Pure Networks which developed both Windows and Mac consumer software and successfully sold the company to Cisco several years later. In 2011 Jeff assumed the role of President & CEO of Intego, the leading provider of Mac security software. Intego was acquired by Kape Software in 2018. Jeff currently provides CEO-level consulting and mentoring. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

How to Overcome Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Why Teams Fail, Part 3: Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

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