Jie Ji

Jie Ji is the Underwriting Manager at Lighter Capital. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Rallyware invests in sales and marketing with Lighter Capital funding

We are excited to welcome Rallyware, a cloud-based workforce engagement platform to our client roster.

Prometheus Research Received Half a Million in Growth Funding

Prometheus Research receives half a million in growth funding from Lighter Capital for product and market development.

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How to Calculate CLTV to CAC Ratio for Your SaaS Business

How effective is your sales and marketing? How much does it cost to bring in new customers — and how does that compare to what you expect to earn from customers over their lifetime? Looking at your CLTV/CAC Ratio can yield insights into how efficiently your company is spending its sales, marketing, and customer retention dollars and, in the long term, how valuable your company is.

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How to Record Deferred Revenue for SaaS Companies

The startup accountant's guide to crediting and debiting deferred revenue in accordance with GAAP standards.