Joe Wallin & Daniel Neuman

Joe Wallin is a leading startup lawyer in the Pacific Northwest and the founder of the Law of Startups. He represents companies from inception to exit, as well as investors, executives, and founders. His practice focuses on startups and emerging companies, angel and venture financing, and M&A transactions. Follow him on Twitter @joewallin.

Daniel Neuman is an experienced corporate, securities and M&A attorney, focused on representing startup and emerging-growth companies, angel investors and venture capital funds. He advises companies in each phase of their life cycle and in a broad range of industries, including software, tech, blockchain, aerospace, hemp and cannabis, and healthcare. Contact Joe and Daniel at

Convertible Notes - Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Be Careful with Convertible Notes: Your SAFE May Hurt You

If you are a startup founder or CEO considering using a convertible note, a SAFE or another type of convertible instrument, there is a little-known aspect of such instruments that can cost you a lot in dilution: the number of shares included in the denominator.