Joe Wallin

Joe Wallin is a leading startup lawyer in the Pacific Northwest and the founder of the Law of Startups. He represents companies from inception to exit, as well as investors, executives, and founders. His practice focuses on startups and emerging companies, angel and venture financing, and M&A transactions. Follow him on Twitter @joewallin

Stock Option Grant Checklist

Employer’s Legal Guide to Stock Option Grants [Checklist]

If you want to grant stock options to employees, you want to take the time to do this right. To help, we put together this stock option grant checklist.

LLC vs. C Corporation

Choice of Entity: LLC vs. C Corporation

LLC vs. C Corporation tax advantages and disadvantages: The pros and cons of doing business as a C corporation versus an LLC taxed as a partnership.

The Problem with Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation a mistake, and sometimes a costly one. The word "defer" is a dirty word in the law. Here are the problems with deferring salary.

Legal Guide to Revenue Loans

Startup lawyer Joe Wallin discusses revenue loans, an alternative financing instrument that helps businesses fund their growth.

4 Reasons Your Startup Shouldn’t Be an LLC

On the fence when it comes to incorporating your startup as an LLC? This post is for you!

Valuation Caps: Necessary or Evil?

Are you considering using convertible notes for your next round of fundraising? If so, it’s important to know what a valuation cap is — especially since it may be the key to convincing investors to take a chance on your company.

Warrants and Stock Options: Legalities and Tax Implications

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an investor, here's what you need to know on warrants and stock options.