Michael Overell

Startup founder and recruiter-in-chief: Top 3 takeaways

Over the past weeks, we’ve discussed the steps involved in recruiting and hiring key employees for a startup. In the first three posts, I walked readers through the processes I followed when I made the all-important first two hires for my startup RecruitLoop. The first post focused on how to find potential candidates. The second post detailed our process for selecting the best candidates. The third post discussed the often-overlooked details of what happens after you decide on a candidate: negotiating an offer, hiring, and on-boarding. In this final post, I sum up my top three lessons learned.

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Startup founder and recruiter-in-chief: converting candidates to employees

In my last post, I discussed the screening and interview process we went through at RecruitLoop. We had identified not one but two great candidates. We assumed the hard work was done. Negotiating the offers should be the easy part, right?



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Startup founder and recruiter-in-chief: separating the wheat from the chaff

This is the second in a series of four blog posts in which I share the steps and processes we followed when making the all-important first two hires at RecruitLoop. In the first post, I focused on how we identified candidates. Here I discuss strategies for the screening and interviewing process.

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Startup founder and recruiter-in-chief: 5 steps for attracting talent

Virtually every startup founder struggles to find the best talent for their company. And it’s a critical task for taking your company to the next level. At the early stages of every startup, people are your most valuable assets.

In building the team at RecruitLoop, I’ve grappled with this same process myself.

Over a two-month period back in 2013, I devoted most of my time to making our two first key hires. Through this process, I learned a lot about valuable strategies for recruiting potential talent, best practices for interviewing candidates, the challenges of hiring and onboarding once you find someone, and the time required to execute it all.Read more