Recent Deal Roundup: August 2016

Lighter Capital completed 11 rounds of funding in August - a new record!

Recent Deal Roundup: July 2016

Lighter Capital completed 9 rounds of funding in July.

Recent Deal Roundup: June 2016

Lighter Capital completed 7 rounds of funding in June, bringing our total number of companies funded to 106.

Want to Impress Investors with Great Startup Financials? Ditch Excel

Excel or Google Sheets are OK to use internally, but startups should put financials in accounting software before fundraising.

Recent Deal Roundup: May 2016

The Lighter Capital team achieved a big milestone in May—providing funding to more than 100 tech entrepreneurs.

Recent Deal Roundup: April 2016

In April 2016 we funded seven companies, totaling $1.6M. Four out of the seven are additional financing to existing portfolio companies.

5 Top Issues We See With Startup Financials

The number one reason we reject a loan application is because the entrepreneur is unable to produce financials. Here are the top issues.

Recent Deal Roundup: March 2016

In the first two months of 2016 we funded 7 new companies and provided additional capital to two existing clients for a total of $2.7M.