Vani Rao, CFA

Vani Rao is the Product Manager at Lighter Capital. Vani is leading the product build out of a financial data analytics platform for Venture Capital, providing the ability to track and source companies for investment opportunities. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Know and Maximize Your Runway

Your runway is the amount of time you can operate before being insolvent. In this article, we cover how to calculate your company's runway, the advantages of a longer runway, how to extend your runway by cutting costs, and how revenue-based financing can help you build a longer runway.

Venture Capital Investment Evaluation

The Role of Data in Venture Capital and Revenue-Based Financing

Data matters at Lighter Capital. It’s the primary tool we use to make financing decisions. Data matters to venture capitalists (VCs) as well. But is it the primary tool that VCs use to make investment decisions?