Getting Your Startup’s Financial House in Order

Why is it essential for startups to have their financials in order? This was the topic of a recent webinar - here's what you may have missed.

Top 6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid for Startups

Startup leaders who understand (and avoid) specific financial mistakes across the three stages of their company’s life — early, mid and late — are positioned to win. Here are the top 6 financial mistakes to avoid across the three stages of your startup.

Q&A: SaaS Accounting Struggles Hold Startups Back From Funding

Lighter Capital hosted a webinar with inDinero discussing the critical SaaS accounting challenges startups face. Here's what we learned.

7 Accounting Basics New Startups Need to Know

The number one mistake that young companies make is failing to completely separate business and personal finances. Once that cardinal rule is burned into your mind, there are seven more accounting basics you need to know before you launch that new startup.

How Your Startup’s R&D Expenses Can Earn You $250,000 in Tax Credit This Year

The new payroll tax offset allows qualified small businesses to receive a benefit for their research activities regardless of profitability.

The Problem with Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation a mistake, and sometimes a costly one. The word "defer" is a dirty word in the law. Here are the problems with deferring salary.

Want to Impress Investors with Great Startup Financials? Ditch Excel

Excel or Google Sheets are OK to use internally, but startups should put financials in accounting software before fundraising.

4 Cash Management Tips for SaaS Startups

Cash is king. How much cash you have determines your company's runway, and how likely you will raise the next round. Manage it carefully.