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How to Attract Potential Buyers for Your Startup

It’s a question on the mind of many entrepreneurs. Namely, ‘how can I make my business attractive to potential acquirers?'

4 Metrics to Track When Raising Capital

In the process of raising capital? Here are four key metrics you should track, along with what they mean for your business and your investors.

Guide to Comparing Funding Options for Your Tech Startup

Lighter Capital hosted a webinar to discuss key considerations for creating a funding strategy for your tech startup. Here are the seven most important takeaways.

How to Track Your Income and Expenses with a Chart of Accounts

Chart of accounts is designed to track and report your income and expenses. Here are the basics on what’s involved and how it impacts your business.

How to Record Deferred Revenue for SaaS Companies

The startup accountant's guide to crediting and debiting deferred revenue in accordance with GAAP standards.

How to Pick High-Quality Angel Investors: 5 Things to Look For

The range of quality among angel investors is massive — and can massively impact your company. Here are 5 top attributes of quality angel investors.