How to Make Your Tech Startup Welcoming to Women

It’s increasingly well known that women in STEM fields face pervasive bias that discourages them from pursuing these careers and makes work life difficult for those who do. Especially in overwhelmingly male fields like tech startups — where “brogrammers” reign supreme — women have found themselves at a disadvantage and sometimes outright unwelcome.

Leaders of tech startups should be looking at how their companies relate to women. It can be an intimidating issue to tackle, but keeping an open-minded attitude and asking a few important questions will get you headed in the right direction.

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Why Transparency is so Critical for Startups

“A Leader Struggles to Sell Software Meant to Aid Sales,” read the August 2014 New York Times headline about Matthew Bellows, founder and CEO of Yesware, Inc., a company that makes email tools for salespeople.

Revealing his struggles to a reporter was a moment of vulnerability for Bellows. But such openness is part and parcel of his management approach, which prizes extreme transparency as a way to encourage a thriving company culture.

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5 Things We Learned at SaaStr Annual 2018

Our team was out in full force at SaaStr Annual in San Francisco earlier this month - wow, what a conference! Lighter Capital was a Gold Sponsor of the event again this year, and here are some of the key takeaways from our team. 

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11 Tips for SaaStr Annual 2018

SaaStr Annual is the most significant gathering of SaaS companies on the planet. Held February 6-8 in San Francisco, it’s three days of networking, learning, pitching and partying with thousands of smart, ambitious SaaS-focused people.

How do you make sure you get real ROI from a big conference such as SaaStr Annual? Our panel of experts answered that question and more during our "11 Tips for SaaStr Annual 2018" webinar.

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10 Must Follow Sites & Blogs for SaaS Entrepreneurs

SaaS entrepreneurs have no problem finding advice online. Blogging about how to succeed in this corner of the tech industry is practically its own cottage industry.

So which blogs and experts are worth your time? Here are 10 that deserve regular attention from anyone interested in SaaS startups.

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Our takeaways from the 2017 Americas Alternative Finance Industry Report

The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has released their 2017 report on the alternative finance industry in the Americas. It’s a lot to take in—77 pages of rich data provided by more than 273 lenders, platforms, and consultants (including Lighter Capital). Here are our major takeaways.

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A sustainable way forward for online lending

In mid-April, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released findings from its 2016 small business credit survey, which asked more than 10,000 small business across the country their opinions on lending institutions. One of the big takeaways? Small businesses really don’t like online lenders.

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VC in 2016 was hard to find for founders and nerve-wracking for LPs

With the exception of Jet and Dollar Shave Club's mega-exits, 2016 was a disappointing year for VCs hoping to cash out, according to PitchBook. The drought comes after 2015's active year for unicorns going liquid, but it continues the downward trend of the last two years.

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Three reflections on the future of online lending from LendIt

Last week, three colleagues and I attended LendIt in San Francisco. It was a great way to connect with 4,000 other people working in online lending and fintech across the U.S. and overseas, as well as service providers. It covered all flavors of balance sheet and marketplace lending across the commercial and consumer landscapes from auto to mortgage, and student loans to small business loans.

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The state of startups in Seattle

I joined the Lighter Capital team just over a month ago as VP of Business Development and it’s been an absolute blast. We have a great team with a vibrant, entrepreneur-friendly culture and investment model and a strong track record.

While I learned a lot investing over $40M as an early-stage VC in the early 2000s, this is something altogether different—and much better! We have several strong tech ecosystem partnerships in place and I’m excited to build on this foundation.

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