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Recent Deal Roundup: December 2016

December was an incredible month for Lighter Capital!

Recent Deal Roundup: November 2016

Q4 is well under way and we’re so excited to welcome five new companies to our Lighter Capital community.

Recent Deal Roundup: October 2016

We started the fourth quarter with a strong October- closing seven deals and deployed just shy of $2M.

Recent Deal Roundup: September 2016

10 deals in September! We just closed our biggest quarter in Q3- 30 companies funded and $8.7M deployed.

Recent Deal Roundup: August 2016

Lighter Capital completed 11 rounds of funding in August - a new record!

Recent Deal Roundup: July 2016

Lighter Capital completed 9 rounds of funding in July.

Recent Deal Roundup: June 2016

Lighter Capital completed 7 rounds of funding in June, bringing our total number of companies funded to 106.

Recent Deal Roundup: May 2016

The Lighter Capital team achieved a big milestone in May—providing funding to more than 100 tech entrepreneurs.