Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

Why Teams Fail, Part 4: Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

What’s wrong with a team member not committing to the decision, you ask? It leads to the fourth reason why teams fail: avoidance of accountability. Here's how to prevent avoidance of accountability in the workplace.

How to Overcome Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Why Teams Fail, Part 3: Lack of Team Commitment and Buy-In to Decisions

Ever noticed how, when business decisions are made in a team meeting, not everyone seems to really buy-in to the decision? This is because there is a lack of commitment in the team to decisions made in the meeting. Here's how to overcome lack of team commitment and buy-in to business decisions.

How Fear of Conflict Causes Teams to Fail

Why Teams Fail, Part 2: Fear of Conflict

Team failure starts with a lack of trust, which leads to a fear of conflict between team members. Here's why and how to overcome this team dysfunction using the power of good conflict.

Why Teams Fail

Why Teams Fail, Part 1: Fear of Being Vulnerable

There are five basic dysfunctions that cause a breakdown in the team dynamic. The first reason why teams fail is due to the absence of trust – the fear of being vulnerable. Here’s how to establish team trust.

How to Become Acquirable

Tactical vs. Strategic: How to Become Acquirable

Want your business to get acquired by a larger company? Here's what to focus on in order to increase your odds of getting to a successful acquisition.

How Venture Capital Is Like a Hamster Wheel

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that earning a first venture capital round is only one step in an exhausting cycle. I call this the hamster wheel.

5 Problems With Traditional Fundraising—and 1 Solution

Here are five problems with raising capital the old-school way, and one fundraising solution that’s starting to gain traction among tech startups.

5 Reasons to Choose Debt Over Equity Financing

Debt financing may offer its own hidden benefits over equity financing. Here are five reasons not to be skittish about financing your company with debt.