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What We Look for When Funding Early-Stage Technology Companies

Lighter Capital CEO BJ Lackland on why we think app and SaaS companies make great investments, and what we look for when funding early-stage tech startups.

Webinar: Funding Options for Salesforce Partners

Lighter Capital CEO BJ Lackland and Sean Jacobson, Venture Partner at Emergence Capital, teamed up to give their insights and perspective on Funding Options for Salesforce Partners.

Raising Capital? the Strategy You Choose Today Will Change Your Company’s Future

At Lighter Capital we spend a lot of time talking to early stage tech entrepreneurs about what kind of funding makes the most sense for them.

Stages of growth graph

Funding the In-Between Years

What’s important in those in-between years after launch and before stable growth is to know all the funding options and figure out what is right for you.

Webinar Recap – Revenue-Based Finance: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?

Lighter Capital hosted a recent webinar, “Revenue-Based Finance: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?" Here is a recap of everything we covered.

Applying Revenue-Based Finance Theory to Cyprus and the Debt Crisis

In the Harvard Business Review, Yale University Professor of Economics Robert H. Schiller proposed a, mostly theoretical, new take on national finance.

Semi-Frequently Asked Questions About Revenue-Based Financing

In the past few weeks, we've noticed a few recurring questions about revenue-based financing that we want to answer, for all to read.

Top 4 Crowdfunding Websites to Follow

Crowdfunding seems to be the new way to go in raising money for entrepreneurs. There are many crowdfunding websites out there, but these 4 lead the pack.