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Answers to 4 Key Questions about Raising Startup Capital

Whether you're looking for angel investors or considering debt financing, understanding your funding options and the capital stack is key to scaling your company.

4 Startup Milestones to Reach Before Raising Series A

Many companies want to raise their Series A round before they're ready, but coming unprepared to such a competitive space can be detrimental to your company's future funding prospects or even harmful to your reputation.

6 Bootstrapping Strategies From CEOs Who Made It to $100MM ARR

Bootstrapped companies that make it big—say, to $100M ARR—without relying on venture capital or angel investors are looked on with something like awe.

How to Tell If an Investor Is a Bad Fit

How to Tell if an Investor is a Bad Fit. These red flags from potential investors are signs you should run, not walk, in the opposite direction.

Exploring Venture Debt: Benefits, Risks, and Tradeoffs

Venture debt is a debt funding mechanism available only to venture-backed, early- and growth-stage companies. Here we explore venture debt pros and cons.