Improving your SaaS company's valuation

If you’re a founder at an early stage SaaS startup, you’re always looking for ways to drive higher and higher valuations, especially as you move from one round of funding to the next. At Lighter Capital, we don’t rely on valuations in our financing model, but I thought it would be useful to talk about valuations as they relate to SaaS companies. We’ll take a look at common valuation techniques and discuss drivers that can help you improve your company’s valuation.

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5 ways to maximize your startup's valuation

Your startup valuation is essentially what investors think your company is worth, which has a huge impact on your company when you raise money. The higher your valuation, the less equity you have to give up for a particular dollar-amount of investment.

Here are five tips for maximizing your company’s valuation in the eyes of investors.

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Which kind of valuation do you need and when?

Valuation comes up constantly in reference to startups. But it can be confusing because sometimes the same word is used with very different meanings.

Several different types of valuations come into play for startups. For example, there are the staggering and not necessarily realizable private company valuations that everyone hears about. There are public market valuations that reflect what investors believe stocks will be worth in the future. And there are 409A valuations.

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