Getting Your Startup’s Financial House in Order

Why is it essential for startups to have their financials in order? This was the topic of a recent webinar - here's what you may have missed.

How Got Startup Funding in 15 Days

Preuss joined Lighter’s Chief Investment Officer, Allen Johnson, for a recent webinar in which they compared notes about VC funding and debt financing (including Revenue-Based Financing or RBF), and talked about the best way to prepare for a funding search.

Photo by henri meilhac on Unsplash

Funding for Entrepreneurs from Underrepresented Communities

Kim Folsom, CEO and founder of LIFT Development Enterprises and Founders First Capital Partners, and BJ Lackland, CEO of Lighter Capital, discussed what makes RBF unique and attractive, and shed light on whey it can be an effective option for women and minorities.

Answers to 4 Key Questions about Raising Startup Capital

Whether you're looking for angel investors or considering debt financing, understanding your funding options and the capital stack is key to scaling your company.

Webinar Takeaways: The Business Metrics That Drive Investors

Lighter Capital hosted a webinar about important metrics to track when fundraising. Here are five interesting takeaways from the webinar.

Q&A: SaaS Accounting Struggles Hold Startups Back From Funding

Lighter Capital hosted a webinar with inDinero discussing the critical SaaS accounting challenges startups face. Here's what we learned.

Webinar Recap: 2 Ways to Skip a VC Round with Alternative Funding

Boast Capital CEO Lloyed Lobo and our CEO BJ Lackland discussed how to fund your startup with revenue-based financing and R&D tax credits.

Dave’s Rules: 5 Principles for SaaS Analytics

Lighter Capital recently hosted a webinar on SaaS metrics with our own Investment Director, Branden Harper, and David Ryan, the founder of SaaS Optics, a provider of financial tools for managing SaaS, software, and other subscription-based and recurring revenue businesses.