Dave’s Rules: 5 Principles for SaaS Analytics

Lighter Capital recently hosted a webinar on SaaS metrics with our own Investment Director, Branden Harper, and David Ryan, the founder of SaaS Optics, a provider of financial tools for managing SaaS, software, and other subscription-based and recurring revenue businesses.

Guide to Comparing Funding Options for Your Tech Startup

Lighter Capital hosted a webinar to discuss key considerations for creating a funding strategy for your tech startup. Here are the seven most important takeaways.

Top 6 Questions Asked about Revenue-Based Financing

Why should growing technology companies consider revenue-based financing? Here are the answers for the top 6 questions asked about revenue-based financing.

Webinar: Funding Options for Salesforce Partners

Lighter Capital CEO BJ Lackland and Sean Jacobson, Venture Partner at Emergence Capital, teamed up to give their insights and perspective on Funding Options for Salesforce Partners.

Raising Capital? the Strategy You Choose Today Will Change Your Company’s Future

At Lighter Capital we spend a lot of time talking to early stage tech entrepreneurs about what kind of funding makes the most sense for them.

Webinar Recap – Revenue-Based Finance: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?

Lighter Capital hosted a recent webinar, “Revenue-Based Finance: How Does It Work and Who Is It For?" Here is a recap of everything we covered.