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December Deal Roundup

As we head into the new year, here’s a quick look at the end of 2017. We closed out December strong, with 17 deals total, bringing us to 141 deals total for the year – wow! Welcome to our new clients! Congrats also to our returning clients – it’s great to see you continue to grow. Happy New Year!

New Clients

Alaris leverages signature-verification technology to prevent healthcare fraud, manage banking services, and produce mobile check-in management and tracking solutions for childcare providers.

AlpenSpruce designs innovative software for K-12 education, including products for gamifying professional development and managing the student transfer process workflow.

Geezeo builds white-label personal financial management solutions for banks and credit unions, as well as digital financial management products for the retail, business, and wealth markets.

Onfleet produces software for logistics management and route optimization for businesses offering last-mile delivery, including mobile apps, an online dashboard, and customer notifications.

Souktel provides custom digital software and ancillary research, scoping, scaling, and planning services for the international aid and development market, helping project implementers transform lives.

Subsplash creates centralized, easy-to-manage systems for church leaders to reach and engage their congregations and communities, integrating video, music, blogs, maps, events, donations, and social.