Intern's First Day Out

My First Lighter Capital Company Outing

I’ve been with LC now for about 2 awesome months. The office environment is here definitely stays true to our “Lighter” brand. We have fun, poke jokes, shoot nerf guns, and at the end of the day get our work done. I’ll go with a cliche and say “it’s not going to work if you’re loving what you’re doing”. That pretty much describes everyday here at LC.

August 31st though we did something awesome that I hadn’t experienced before. We all left work around 3:30 and jetted for a company outing to a beach club that our CEO Andy is a member of. We had a grand of idea of preforming our very own team leisure dive.  What is lighter then diving through the air in a relaxed pose?

We all showed up to the beach club in our best business attire, or at least in half of our best business attire. As the picture below shows we were looking pretty fly.


We decided that the best way to try and make a team leisure dive pic would be to each jump off and do our own individual dives, and then have our magician Matthew piece it together for us (tanks ahead of time Matthew).

I don't want to give away our awesome pictures quite yet, but I can say you won't be disappointed in how funny they are.

We ended  the day playing cornhole (a game that Rob introduced to our team).  We found that Drew's business brilliance is sadly not reflected in his cornhole skills (he did make I think two in the hole though).

Stay tuned for a follow up post with more pictures that you definitely won't want to miss!