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Lighter Capital provides $150,000 in funding to BigContacts CRM Software

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

BigContacts is a web-based CRM Software that has an outstanding product, but needed greater exposure.  They were looking for a way to fund a comprehensive marketing plan to build visibility in the small business market. Lighter Capital was happy to provide $150,000 in funding to get their marketing effort underway.

BigContacts provides small business owners affordable and easy-to-use tools that help them organize their sales and marketing efforts, freeing up time to focus on growing their business. The software helps those who have outgrown basic solutions like Outlook, Excel or ACT but don’t want the cost and complexity of larger CRM solutions.

“I have to say Lighter Capital was a refreshing experience,” says Bob Walton, CEO of BigContacts. “Lighter Capital truly lived up to their promise of providing an entrepreneur-friendly experience.  They made the entire process very simple and straightforward.”

“What we like about BigContacts is how they fill a real need for the small business operator with a simple and elegant solution,” says Molly Otter, Lighter Capital’s Chief Investment Officer “With such a well articulated plan for growth it was an easy investment decision for us.”

Says Walton, “We’re confident that by increasing our visibility with the right marketing plan, we will see approximately 50% increase in MRR by the end of the year and expect to double that again in 2015.”

We enjoy working with companies like BigContacts and look forward to watching them take advantage of a great niche in the market. You can find more information on BigContacts at and you can follow them on twitter at @bigcontactscrm.


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