Three shortcuts to avoid when calculating your SaaS metrics

Creating your first financial model and defining the right set of SaaS metrics can be daunting, especially for early stage SaaS companies with limited data. It’s tempting for founders/CEOs to take shortcuts that simplify their metrics, but this can result in misleading conclusions for themselves and their investors. In this post, I’ll share three common mistakes to avoid when calculating your SaaS metrics.

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Rallyware invests in sales and marketing with Lighter Capital funding

We’re happy to welcome Rallyware to our client roster.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Rallyware offers a cloud-based platform that engages workforces through scalable personalized programs that drive sales, recruit, coach, and energize organizational activities. The company’s proprietary platform drives both online and offline activities and provides a game-like social experience for its users.

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Four cash management tips for SaaS startups

Cash is king. In business, everything stems from the cash you have, the cash you earn, and the cash you raise. You need it to run every part of your business. How much cash you have determines your company’s runway, and how likely you will raise the next round.

At Lighter Capital, we sometimes see great companies with promising traction, but the entrepreneurs are presented with less than ideal funding options because they didn’t fully understand how to manage their cash. To help you operate better and be in a better position for fundraising, here are four cash management tips we find most useful for tech and SaaS businesses.

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The 5 top issues we see with startup financials

You’re an early-stage startup entrepreneur. You’re running your business fast and lean. Getting your company’s financials cleaned up and organized is on your to-do list, but so are a thousand other things. You’ll get around to it—just as soon as you secure the loan that will help you scale up.

I hate to break it to you, but as long as your financials are a mess, that funding is going to stay forever out of your reach. At Lighter Capital, we field a lot of loan applications, and the number one reason we reject potential borrowers is because the entrepreneur is unable to produce financials.

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Three reflections on the future of online lending from LendIt

Last week, three colleagues and I attended LendIt in San Francisco. It was a great way to connect with 4,000 other people working in online lending and fintech across the U.S. and overseas, as well as service providers. It covered all flavors of balance sheet and marketplace lending across the commercial and consumer landscapes from auto to mortgage, and student loans to small business loans.

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Circle Commerce receives $300,000 to invest in marketing and product development

We are excited to welcome Circle Commerce to our client portfolio. Circle Commerce provides customizable order management and ERP software for e-commerce and multi-channel direct marketers.

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The state of startups in Seattle

I joined the Lighter Capital team just over a month ago as VP of Business Development and it’s been an absolute blast. We have a great team with a vibrant, entrepreneur-friendly culture and investment model and a strong track record.

While I learned a lot investing over $40M as an early-stage VC in the early 2000s, this is something altogether different—and much better! We have several strong tech ecosystem partnerships in place and I’m excited to build on this foundation.

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BJ Lackland on getting the backing that best fits your startup

If you’re trying to raise money for your business, there are now many alternatives to VC funding, particularly for smaller tech companies. Our CEO BJ Lackland wrote a guest post on VentureBeat called “Smarter funding: How to get the backing that best fits your startup.”

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