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Recent Deal Roundup: August 2017


If July was all about welcoming new companies to the Lighter Capital community, August was about balancing the old and the new. We funded 11 companies this last month—five new clients and six old ones.

We also funded our 300th deal, which is a huge milestone for us. We celebrated with a company-wide happy hour on a rooftop bar near our office. (Oh yeah, and rooftop ping pong!)

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the deals we closed in August.

Highlights of first-time clients

BizTexter provides A.I.-driven SMS services to small businesses, allowing them to automate customer service, marketing, and sales. They provide a cloud-based app, a native Android app, and an API.

Arrivalist is a location analytics service that helps clients to measure how leads change locations after being exposed to media placements. Using their intuitive reporting interface, advertisers can understand which ads on which platforms are driving customers to their physical locations.

Ntracts provides contract lifecycle management software, allowing you to manage and automate documents from request through termination or renewal. Their software is modular and flexible enough to easily integrate into your current workflow.

Bottega offers intensive online programming courses for professionals looking to learn to code. Their students don’t learn through sterile textbook exercises or abstract theory—they work on assignments based on actual projects the teachers have worked on in their careers.

Highlights of repeat clients

Cosential designs CRM tools for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. This is their fifth round of funding from Lighter Capital. We first funded them in July of 2015, and it’s been a pleasure to see how much they’ve grown.