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Recent Deal Roundup: December 2016

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Wow—December was an INCREDIBLE month for us at Lighter Capital! We set out the steep goal of doubling year-over-year for 2016. At times it felt impossible, but we did it! Not only is this a groundbreaking company record, we broke our monthly record of funding 13 companies by closing 24 deals. We’re beyond grateful for our awesome clients and stellar team who keep us motivated and passionate about funding startups. High-fives all around!

Here’s a snapshot of the companies we funded in December.

First-time clients

CodeHS offers the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for high schools worldwide. Over 14,000 educators use this web-based curriculum to teach computer science and coding to over 220,000 students.

Ekos Brewmaster specializes in management software for craft breweries. From inventory to sales tax reports, this easy-to-use software keeps breweries organized and focused on the most important thing—beer!

Signal Vine provides a student engagement platform for professors to communicate effectively via text messaging. Teachers can also organize student rosters based on various characteristics to share specific information/assignments.

Taqtile Mobility creates digital strategies and solutions for mobile, VR, and AR app development. With the 3D technology, businesses can also use geo-tracking codes for any AR/VR platform.

AislePlanner gives brides and wedding planners the necessary tools to stay organized and coordinated—all in one place. With this software, couples and professionals bring the big day to life through list management, budgeting, style guides, calendar reminders, and so much more.

MedKeeper has a suite of applications used by hospitals and medical centers to improve the overall efficiency of pharmacy communication, compliance, and productivity. These applications are web and mobile based for doctors and pharmacists to track, inspect, and verify workflow systems in real-time.

Shufflrr is a presentation management software allowing enterprises to create, share, broadcast, and track data to gain efficiencies. Presentations can also integrate with Salesforce.

OpenCounter gives home owners, entrepreneurs, event planners, and many others the confidence to complete projects by streamlining permits and licenses. This software calculates permit requirements as the applicants update their project details.

Guard Llama keeps citizens safe with their personal emergency response system. At the push of a button, this wireless key chain remote will alert the authorities quickly and discreetly.

Geopointe is a geo-mapping app on the AppExchange. Geopointe’s location intelligence uses addresses and coordinates in Salesforce to show lead concentration, data trends, and demographic insights.

Versium provides automated predictive analytics solutions to increase conversion rates and enable organizations to be more data-driven. Versium gathers existing data to determine more actionable consumer trends and attributes.

Pre-existing clients

Actively Learn empowers educators to implement the best teaching practices in every subject through this interactive reading platform. Student engagement and motivation is increased as they’re given a voice and choice for independent work.

ePublishing, Inc. gives publishers and media businesses across the globe the #1 SaaS content management and eCommerce system. With this platform, customers can increase their revenue, reduce costs, and drive engagement.

Realvolve revolutionizes the Real Estate industry with their CRM solution by utilizing science and workflows to help agents increase the success of their business.

Eventric offers online and software services for the live entertainment industry. Professionals can organize tours and manage artists through these applications as well as a specialty VIP ticketing service.

ListReports received their third round of funding from Lighter Capital. They provide a mobile marketing solution giving loan officers and real estate agents the tools to create, manage, and deliver promotional materials.

ClearDB Inc offers powerful and fault tolerant database-as-a-service applications for the MYSQL databases across the globe. They received their third round of funding from Lighter Capital as they continue to flourish.

BombBomb provides an email marketing automation platform complete with YouTube, Gmail, Zillow, Animoto, and Salesforce integration. Users can create, send, and track video emails to build relationships and stay connected with customers from any device.

Good Done Great received their fourth round of Lighter Capital funding. It’s awesome to see how much this company has grown! Good Done Great has revolutionized the way Fortune 500 companies and individuals give back to the community with their integrated software solution.

Uncorkd raises another glass as they received a second round of funding to enhance their continued growth. Restaurants, hotels, and other venues use this digital menu to increase the customer experience by educating them about wine and other beverages.

Likeable Local received additional growth funding as they continue to help small businesses manage their social media accounts. Entrepreneurs can automate most of the manual tasks of social media strategies including creating and enhancing their presence.

A special toast to our clients and team for helping us exceed our goals. Cheers!

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