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Recent Deal Roundup: June 2016

We think the “Summertime Slowdown” is a myth—at least that’s how it seems around here. Our client companies are busier than ever, and we are, too. We completed 7 deals in June, including two follow-on funding rounds we were able to complete in less than a week.

In June, we provided funding totaling $1.3M to seven companies. Two are existing clients who received additional funding, and five companies are new clients—welcome!

Here’s a summary of the great companies we funded in June. Congratulations to all of you on your continued growth—we’re thrilled to work with you.

ClearDB provides database virtualization services for native cloud, and hybrid database-as-a-service applications. The company received a first round of funding from Lighter Capital in March to scale marketing and platform initiatives, including customer acquisition and channel programs. They received a second round of funding to accelerate sales and marketing initiatives.

“We chose to work with Lighter Capital because their model is ideally aligned with our goals,” says Jeff Vogel, ClearDB CEO. The company is based in Plano, Texas.

Chicago-based CodeSixFour provides online tools and resources to help insurance and employee benefits advisors grow their capabilities and build relationships. Brokers use the company’s content, compliance tools, analytics and sales automation tools to streamline consulting with employers. The company will use the growth financing from Lighter Capital to make additional hires in engineering, sales, and marketing.

Founded in 1999 by CEO Dan Cornish, Cosential is based in Austin, Texas. The company develops customer relationship (CRM) solutions and automation tools specifically designed for architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

Cosential received a second round of funding from Lighter Capital to scale their server infrastructure.

Founded in 2013 by a team from Y Combinator & Flickr, HipLead helps B2B companies scale their outbound sales with high quality data, lead generation and Sales Development as a Service.

Based in San Francisco, the company uses big data, machine learning, and in-house analysts to help sales teams pinpoint their best potential prospects and then start a conversation with them, helping almost any B2B sales team scale quickly and efficiently.

Intellect (previously named Interneer) is business process management software aimed at business managers who don’t have coding experience. This is the third round of funding Intellect has received from Lighter Capital as they continue to grow.

RecruitLoop is an online marketplace of independent recruiters and candidate sourcers who work on-demand. Companies hire and pay recruiters using the company’s software platform, which includes workflow tools to manage their client engagements.

RecruitLoop’s CEO Michael Overell has written some excellent posts for our blog about sourcing candidates, recruiting and hiring. Check out his posts on being a startup founder and “Recruiter in Chief.” A key takeaway: good hiring takes time.

Realvolve received funding from Lighter Capital to grow their sales and marketing efforts. The company provides CRM solutions that use science and workflows that help real estate agents build successful businesses.

Every day we’re energized by helping portfolio companies continue to grow and thrive. We’ve funded over 100 companies with revenue-based financing, and we’re well on our way to meeting our goal of funding 500 companies by July 2018.

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