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Recent deal roundup: October 2015

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We continue to be busy here at Lighter Capital, and Q3 was no exception. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the loans from the last quarter. Our last 10 loans included increased funding to two existing portfolio companies and funding for eight new companies.

We are always thrilled when historical portfolio companies continue to grow and therefore qualify for new financing from us. Congrats to Tomoson and Interneer on their continued success! We hope to keep funding their growth and be a long-term funding partner.

Of course, we are also always excited to welcome new borrowers into the Lighter Capital family! For the recent eight new customers we brought on, the average loan size is $340K, which is $90K higher than our typical loan ($250K).

Below is a short overview introducing our new clients (in alphabetical order):

Cosential is a CRM tool designed for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Our financing will help Cosential grow their sales team. We are excited to see CEO/Founder Dan Cornish continue to scale this business.

EZ-AD TV provides an in-store digital advertising system that allows retailers to upload product advertisements and videos on screens remotely from anywhere in the world. Our funding will give EZ-AD TV the capital they need to hire additional sales people and to invest more in marketing events, ‎such as trade shows. We are excited to see the company expand into other verticals, as well as increase their MRR.

Hyper Martial Arts provides a platform for world-class martial arts athletes to expose their skills and talent. The company has bootstrapped and grown organically since 2009. Our investment will allow the company to launch a new training app and further promote its bully-defense outreach program. Hyper Martial Arts is a source of inspiration for kids globally and we can’t wait to see the growth of this action lifestyle brand!

Imprev focuses on providing high-quality personalized marketing materials for the real estate industry. Our loan will support the continued expansion and hiring of sales and marketing personnel. We think we can learn from Imprev’s impressive marketing platform and offerings, and are especially excited about providing funding to another local company in Seattle.

Justuno provides an e-commerce conversion suite and promotions platform that allows companies to offer gated content and other incentives to grow email lists, build social channels, and convert leads. Our loan is focused on driving new sales through marketing as well as upgrade the front end of their website. We’re excited to be working with such a fast growing company and strong team.

Lume provides private-cloud solutions customized to the needs of their clients. Our funding will go towards market expansion, product development, and continued investment in infrastructure. We are impressed with Lume’s leadership team and how far they’ve taken the company without outside funding since 2012, and we’re excited to help them speed up their growth by increasing their distribution in key strategic markets.

ShopSocially provides a word-of-mouth marketing solution to online retailers through key social network channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our loan will go towards continued investment in sales, partnerships, and lead generation. As an avid on-line shopper, I love seeing others’ reviews of products and was interested to personally see how this product works in the marketplace.

ZipIt Wireless: is a cloud-based software and services provider with key intellectual property and expertise in connecting wireless devices to Internet-based services. Zipit intends to use the funding to help with their entrance into the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. We think that Zipit’s unique technology will allow them to continue to lead this expansion into a cutting edge marketplace.

At Lighter Capital, we like to fund growth. Our RevenueLoan structure is uniquely positioned to help companies hire, develop, innovate and support the entrepreneurial goals of their founders because we are innovating and growing too! We’re looking forward to continued success in the quarters to come!

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