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Counting down to a Sweet Halloween

Waiting till Halloween to find some tasty treats is for suckers (pun intended). This month we're on the prowl for companies that make or sell sweet things, and we'd counting down until Halloween to find the right company to fund.

So I wanted to get this party started with a quick list of my favorite sweet things:

Philippine Dried Mangoes from Costco

These things are cash-money. With a quick calculation of the nutrition facts, I can eat about2,000 calories of these suckers in a sitting. They seem healthy enough but they're sweet, delicious and addicting. I could eat just these day after day until I croaked (which may not take that long once blood sugar levels spike). Dried mango or any related dried fruit is a total slam dunk for us to fund, if it's up to me.

Laloo's Goat Milk ice cream

Love sweet things, but have a problem with bovines? Laloo's solved your problem. We keep this stocked in our freezer in the office at all times and when it runs out, we find the nearest Whole Foods to find some more. Laloo's is one of our favorite investments we've made, and it gave us a real bias towards funding companies whose product we can actually enjoy by the delicious and healthy pint.

Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade

If there was a standalone company that exclusively sold Diet Cherry Lime-aids, I would fund that business, especially if it was the 2-4pm happy hour, when they sell those for half price. What a great business – they take super small ice cubes, mix them with colored flavored, sugar-free water and hand you a Styrofoam cup of deliciousness. Sell 'em for $2 a pop and you're golden.  Let me know if you run such a business.

Rob's wife

Lorin. Nobodys sweeter than her. I don't know if she fits our target financial profile for funding, but I hear she's a real sweetheart. :-*

Humphry Slocombe ice cream

Do you scream for ice cream? I'd say relax a bit, unless you're talking about Humphry Slocombe. I spent a few years in San Francisco and still visit a couple times a year, and Humphry Slocombe is a mandatory stop whenever I'm in town. What's so great about it? How about Olive Oil flavored ice cream? Not your thing? Can I entice you with some Fluffernutter ice cream? As they say in the Bay area, it's hella-good.

try to pick just one

What are your favorite sweets? Know any companies making sweets that we should test?