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Debt Capital

Alternatives to Venture Capital: Debt Capital vs. Private Equity [Infographic]

This article covers alternatives to venture capital for funding a startup and compares the pros and cons of choosing debt capital over private equity.

Bookkeeping Startups

Why Fast Growing Startups Can’t Ignore Good Old Fashioned Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping may seem passé or a necessity to simply outsource and forget about, but that’s far from the truth. In reality, bookkeeping is more essential than ever for startups whose prospects are determined by very specific values that show the reality of their business situation.

Company Valuation

How Startup Valuation Works and How a Company Valuation Affects Financing

This article covers how startup valuation works, how you should be thinking about valuation in general and what it means for you now and down the road.

How to Raise a Series A Round from Venture Capital Investors

How to Raise a Series A Round from Venture Capital Investors

Raising a series A round of funding from venture capital investors is a long and stressful process, but if your startup needs funding, this is what you can expect.

Fast Funding Business

When Opportunity Comes Knocking, Fast Funding Opens the Door

Entrepreneurs raise capital in order to have a war chest that lets them capitalize on opportunities. The problem is getting that war chest is a horribly slow, inefficient, and distracting process. Providing fast funding is one of the ways Lighter Capital is seeking to revolutionize the business of startup finance.

Bootstrapping vs Equity

Startup Financing: When to Bootstrap vs. Raise Equity

There are many ways to raise capital beyond equity funding, including the option of not raising any equity or going into debt at all — and that means good, old-fashioned bootstrapping. But when seeking capital, should you bootstrap or raise equity?

Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation for Startup Employees: Top Mistakes to Avoid

Equity compensation is a great recruiting and retention tool for startups and early stage companies. However, there are a lot of rules you have to follow to do this correctly. Mistakes made by a company in this area can be costly.

What is Seed Money

What is Seed Money and How to Find Angel Investors

Part 4 in our series on how to think about your startup at different stages of growth explains what seed money is and how to find angel investors.