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Fast Funding Business

When Opportunity Comes Knocking, Fast Funding Opens the Door

Entrepreneurs raise capital in order to have a war chest that lets them capitalize on opportunities. The problem is getting that war chest is a horribly slow, inefficient, and distracting process. Providing fast funding is one of the ways Lighter Capital is seeking to revolutionize the business of startup finance.

How to Raise Money Angel Investors

How to Pitch to Investors and Raise Angel Money

Part 5 in our series on how to think about your startup at different stages of growth discusses how to pitch investors and raise angel money.

how to raise capital for startup team building

Strategies for Raising Capital to Build a Startup Team

In the early stages of growth, companies must consider different strategies for raising capital to build a startup team and compensate employees.

6 Reasons VC Funding Isn’t Always the Best Goal

6 Reasons Venture Funding Isn’t Always the Best Goal

Many startup entrepreneurs see VC funding as a major goal. But should it be? Here are six reasons that getting VC funding isn’t always the most constructive goal for your business.

Prepare for Fundraising

How to Mentally Prepare for Fundraising

Next to deciding to start a business of your own, how you will fund its growth might be the biggest financial decision you will make. With that in mind, here are a few pointers to help you mentally prepare for the fundraising journey that lies ahead.

8 Tips for Nailing Your Startup Pitch

Some of the audiences you’ll pitch to—like VCs and angels—are famously hard to read. Here are 8 tips to nail your startup pitch.

The Art of Growing a Sustainable Tech Business

Matching a startup’s growth to the receptivity of the market instead of to the demands of ROI-hungry funders is a good way to set up a sustainable — or “lifelong” — tech business.


Founder Spotlight: Q&A with Joe Floyd, Founder and CEO of InsureSign

Lighter Capital caught up with Joe Floyd, founder and CEO of InsureSign, to ask a few questions about how this exciting company finds success.