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Freemium Pricing Model for SaaS

SaaS Pricing: When to Use a Freemium Model

A freemium model for attracting new customers can be a good match for SaaS businesses. If your infrastructure can handle the load, you may be well positioned to use a freemium offering to drive sales. These FAQs will help you decide if the freemium model is right for your SaaS business.

SaaS Startups Should Build Software Integrations with Partner Companies

Why SaaS Startups Should Build Software Integrations with Partner Companies

Having to use multiple pieces of software can slow and inhibit business. The solution is more connectivity, or in SaaS terms, integrations. Here are four reasons SaaS startups should build software integrations with complimentary companies.

Avoidance of Accountability in the Workplace

2 Key Strategies to Attract New Customers

How can you attract new customers? It’s the $84 million question. And the key to designing the best strategy is to know your customer well.

Understanding and Leveraging the Customer Buying Cycle

There is an identifiable and predictable process that potential customers go through in transitioning from passive observer to active purchaser. The gist of it goes like this: awareness, then consideration, and finally purchase.

How to Market Like a Human

There are many different psychological triggers that can make a potential customer more likely to become an actual customer. Here are a few on which you can easily capitalize in your marketing efforts.