Finding the Right Financing for Your Capital Needs

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Flexible Financing Solutions to Grow Your Startup

Get access to up to $4M CAD – with the ability to mix-and-match
based on your capital needs.

Lighter Term Loan Lighter Line of Credit
Capital Needs Growth Capital Working Capital
Common Use Cases Immediate access to growth funding now and pre-approval for additional funds On-demand access to revolving line to make essential payments
Funding Structure Traditional loan with forward commitment.* No fees. On demand revolving line of credit. No fees.**
Repayment Schedule Fixed payments to better manage costs Pay only when you start drawing funds
Equity Warrants Not required Not required
Not required Not required
Board Seats Not required Not required
Funding Available Up to $4M CAD in total capital funding, with the ability to mix and match fund structures based on needs
Tech companies (Software, SaaS, tech services, etc.)
$20K CAD MRR (average minimum)
Based in Canada or a subsidiary in Canada

*Subject to qualification and approval

**1% fee to be offset by a 1% reduction in the Lighter Line of Credit interest rate.

We Lead the Pack.

Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive debt capital to early stage startups.

400+ Companies Funded

$200M Invested

700+ Rounds of Funding

Hear from some of our entrepreneurs about how we can help you grow your tech startup – your way.

Your Company. Your Terms.

From Lines of Credit to Term Loans with pre-approval for a forward commitment. You decide how and where to spend it. Don’t just meet your next milestone – exceed it.

Is our funding a fit for you?

For tech companies only

Software, SaaS, tech services, etc.

You’re generating revenue

Your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) has averaged at least $20K CAD on average

You’re in Canada.

Based in Canada or a subsidiary in Canada.

You don’t need to be profitable

We don’t require you to be profitable, but we do like to see a path to profitability.

You have customer diversity

You’re currently supplying your products or services to at least 5 clients.

Funding that scales

Funding that scales as your company grows. Follow-on rounds in as little as a week.

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