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CEO groups

Need to discuss a challenge, share a resource, or brainstorm a solution? Lighter’s CEO groups give you the opportunity to network, collaborate, and engage with like-minded leaders.

Hand-selected groups based on revenue stage, business stage, industry, and/or region
Maximum of 10 CEOs per group
Slack channels
Monthly meetings

Annual summits

You’ll gain ideas, insights, and inspiration at our annual gatherings. From casual conversations to deep discussions, you’ll share thoughts, concerns, sticking points, and solutions with fellow entrepreneurs and CEOs in an open environment designed to let the collective brilliance flow freely.

Two-day event
Attendees from prior and current portfolios
Cool, casual environment
Content programming through guest-led panels and roundtable discussions
Group activities in the host city

Bonus perks

Strategic partners

Gain access to valuable support, resources and new sales channels from leading partners like Amazon and Salesforce.

Capital partners

Get access to financial institutions that will tailor debt capital and banking services to your needs.

For US and Canadian Clients

For Australian Clients

Product discounts

Tap into more than $100,000 in discounts on a wide range of products and services to help you increase revenue, save money, and accelerate productivity.

Learn More

Venture relations

Ready to seek funding from venture sources? Lighter will help with pitch decks and introductions to hundreds of venture capitalists in our network.

Success stories

When our clients win, we all win. Learn how our community members use Lighter Capital financing to achieve extraordinary results.

Ready to get started?

"By choosing Lighter Capital, we received more than non-dilutive funding. The access they provided to other CEOs and resources were the benefits that helped me grow the business."

Rob Farrow, Co-Founder and CEO, Aisle Planner

Your success is our mission

By itself, money doesn’t guarantee success. Your financing partnership with Lighter Capital includes valuable benefits to help you grow and scale quickly and effectively.


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