Retain ownership of your company.
No giving up equity or board seats to VCs, no personal guarantees, no financial covenants. It’s your company. Run it on your terms.

Get the financing you need. Fast.
Our application process is fast, easy, and secure. Approved companies can receive up to $1M in funding in as little as four weeks. Need more? We can lend up to $3M with follow-on rounds.

Pay based on cash receipts.
Our flexible repayments increase and decrease with your monthly revenue, meaning you’ll never have to write a big check during a down month.

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The funding choice of 250+ technology startups

  • Up to 1/3 of your annualized revenue run rate
  • Up to $3M in growth capital for your tech startup
  • Repaid over 3–5 years
  • You pay between 2–8% of monthly revenue
  • Repayment caps usually range from 1.35x to 2.0x