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How to Choose the Best Funding Path for Your Startup

How to Choose the Best Funding Path for Your Startup

Venture capital isn’t right for every company — but neither is revenue-based financing. This guide will help you decide which kind of capital to raise, when to raise it, and what potential downsides you must consider as you weigh your options.

Raising capital? Figure out the right strategy for your business.

Most entrepreneurs see venture capital as the holy grail of funding solutions, but fewer than 1% of U.S. startups ever raise a VC round. There are other options, and some of them might make better sense for your business. The funding method you choose today will shape the trajectory of your business for the rest of its life—and ultimately determine how much value you can extract in the long term.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to match your business growth trajectory to a funding method that makes sense

  • What the trade-offs, risks, and pay-offs are for different equity and debt financing options

  • Which questions to ask when figuring out the right funding strategy for your business

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The financing decisions you make at any point in your startup’s lifecycle help determine its trajectory. Get in touch with one of Lighter Capital’s experienced Investment Advisors to talk about cash flows, burn rates, capital planning, and other entrepreneurial growth strategies.

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