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Get up to $4M in upfront non-dilutive capital

Apply in minutes. Be approved in days. Pitch decks, business plans, or equity are not required.


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

“Lighter Capital opened up such a fast path to growth for Style Arcade, and the team has been awesome to work with. In the tech space where speed matters most, it’s having a seamless process and a strong partnership – that’s invaluable.”

Michaela Wessels, CEO & Co-Founder Style Arcade

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Data Technology

To be approved, you will need a few things

Having steady revenue is the key. Business plans, pitch decks, equity, or profitability are not required. 

You have an array of revenue sources

You serve a diverse clientele buying your products or enlisting your services.

You generate recurring revenue

You have at least $15K in consistent MRR from software, SaaS, tech services or a similar sector.

You’re in the US, Canada, or Australia

You have a headquarters, branch or subsidiary in one of these countries.

With $15K of monthly recurring revenue, you can obtain upfront non-dilutive capital

You can scale financing to your revenue type
You can customize your payback terms
Your financing will align with your strategy and goals
You can find solutions to get multiple financing rounds
You can access financing up to $4M within a few days

Startups have different financing needs,

we offer different financing options


Payments are based on monthly cash flow.

Consistent fixed monthly payments.

A fixed percentage of future monthly revenue. As revenue grows, payments increase and balance is paid off more quickly.  

Payment terms

Less than 1 year

Up to 3 years

Up to 3 years


You have shorter-term revenue that is associated with a <12 month contract or invoice and need upfront capital to accelerate growth.  

You have consistent monthly revenue and need longer-term capital to accelerate growth, but desire a payment plan that features consistent monthly amounts. 

You have consistent monthly revenue and need longer-term capital to accelerate growth.  Monthly payments that can fluctuate with revenue will not be an issue.

Why choose it?

With any plan, your startup can get up to $4M USD or $1M AUD.


Get upfront capital using shorter-term contracted revenue sources.

Get upfront capital using a traditional loan structure.

Get upfront capital using monthly recurring revenue.

How it works

Financing Your SaaS Startup Using Debt

Not all debt is the same. This guide will help you decide which kind of debt capital can help your startup scale and how to weigh your options to avoid hidden costs that may hurt you later.

How to Choose the Right Type of Debt Financing for Sustainable Growth

Thinking of selling equity to raise capital?

Our simple online tool shows the tradeoffs between raising capital by selling equity vs. non-dilutive funding from Lighter Capital.  See how much ownership value you'll retain compared with traditional equity sources.

Accelerate growth without selling equity

Fuel company growth
Buyout tired investors
Increase market share
Hire new resources
Grow brand awareness
Smooth out cash flow
Bridge funding rounds
Scale product development

Getting approved is fast, easy, and transparent

3. Learn

Connect your financials to learn which financing plan will best meet your needs, how much you qualify for, and the requirements to complete the process.

2. Connect

Meet with an investment advisor to discuss your funding needs, if you qualify, and how we stack up to other sources of capital.

1. Apply

Complete an application in less than 3 minutes.  Simply answer a few questions about your business.

5. Grow

Receive invites and introductions to the Lighter Capital CEO Community, access to product discount codes, and other benefits.

4. Approve

Learn your payment structure and when funds will be deposited (which can happen within a few days).

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