If you’ve ever tried to raise startup capital, you know what a time-suck it can be. Even for successful, seasoned entrepreneurs, it can take 6-9 months and hundreds of meetings to secure an investment.

Compressing the fundraising cycle can have a huge impact on a startup and its chances of success. This webinar will help you speed up your fundraising cycle by arming you with the information and data that startup investors want to see. We’ll also cover the best ways to present data to investors using the latest technology and communications.

Join Lighter Capital and Visible.VC to learn how Visible used their stakeholder engagement platform to help them secure funding in 15 days.

This webinar will cover:

  • The legal and financial data and documents investors need to see.
  • Data sources and technology solutions to communicate with investors.
  • How to use business operations dashboards and metrics to inform your management decisions and fundraising strategy.


Allen Johnson, Chief Investment Officer, Lighter Capital
Mike Preuss, CEO, Visible.VC
Zach Hoene, Investment Director, Lighter Capital

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Allen Johnson Headshot

Allen Johnson
Chief Investment Officer, Lighter Capital

Mike Preuss

Mike Preuss
CEO, Visible.VC

Zach Hoene
Investment Director, Lighter Capital

Lighter Capital is a fintech company that has created a new fundraising path for early-stage tech companies. We understand that an entrepreneur’s two greatest constraints are time and money, and we’ve developed a funding instrument that solves for both. We provide founders up to $2 million of non-dilutive growth capital in a fraction of the time it takes to raise from traditional sources. Based in Seattle, we’ve invested nearly $100 million in more than 200 companies across the US.

Visible is a stakeholder engagement platform helping over 2,000 business distribute their data both quantitative and qualitative to investors, team members and partners. Visible integrates Salesforce, G Suite, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Xero and more to help automate the KPI reporting process while create beautiful and automated business updates.