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Lighter Capital announces $2.0M additional investment in Arrivalist to continue pioneering new products for the travel and tourism industry


Arrivalist, the leading and largest SaaS location data company in the travel industry, has received $2.0 million in non-dilutive debt financing from Lighter Capital to continue its rapid growth after the Coronavirus pandemic and launch new products for the travel industry.

Originally founded in 2012, Arrivalist pioneered the use of location data in travel and tourism and has since expanded its footprint to include the leading Amusement parks, hotels, resorts, entertainment centers, airports and casinos in its portfolio of over 150 customers.

Arrivalist will invest the proceeds from the round in break through products that continue its track record for bringing the most trusted and innovative products to market.

“We pride ourselves in providing trusted, tried and true insights to our customers,” said Cree Lawson, Arrivalist CEO. “We’re grateful to Lighter Capital for being tried and true funding partners for our company.” The funding round represents Arrivalist’s 5th funding round from Lighter Capital.

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Hannah Wootton  |  |  (307) 461-1064

About Arrivalist

Arrivalist is the leading location intelligence platform in the travel industry. The company uses multiple location data sets to provide actionable insights on consumer behavior, competitive share, media effectiveness, and market trends. Over 150 travel marketers, including 100 cities, 40 U.S. states, and four of the top 10 U.S. theme parks, use these insights to inform media strategy, operations, and destination development. Arrivalist is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco and Toronto.

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