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Lighter Capital

Introducing the
$25,000,000 Lighter Capital AppExchange Fund

Build and Grow Your Salesforce Solution Faster with Lighter Capital

At Lighter Capital, we’re betting big on Salesforce AppExchange partners, which is why we’ve set aside a $25M fund specifically to support and grow this amazing ecosystem.

Why are we betting big? Because we’ve seen how growth funding can help Salesforce ISVs get to the next level, fast. Salesforce partners that receive Lighter Capital funding have been able to:

  • Grow monthly revenue by 45% within four months.
  • Grow their total revenue 100% over 24 months.

$25,000,000 Allocated

$6,795,000 Invested to date

Why choose revenue-based financing?

  • Get the funding you need. Fast.

    Our secure, online application is fast and easy, and companies can receive up to $500k in growth funding in as little as four weeks. Need more? We can also process up to $2M in follow-on rounds in as little as 3-4 business days.

  • Retain ownership and control your own destiny.

    No equity dilution, no personal guarantees, and no board seat. It’s your company. Now and always.

    Looking for VC? We'll help you grow your company now so VCs take less later.

  • Pay what you can, when you can.

    We recognize that everyone has a few bad months, which is why our repayments scale with your revenue—meaning you won’t have to write a fat check during a down month like you would with a bank loan.

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